What Texas homeowners need to know about HOA rules and laws.

Whether you are living in a condominium or in a neighborhood with a homeowners’ association (HOA) or contemplating doing so, it is important that you understand Texas HOA laws. Being a part of a Texas homeowners’ association brings great benefits, but also responsibilities, challenges, and sometimes legal disputes. In this article, we will help you understand […]


Properly zoned, planned and organized neighborhoods benefit residents greatly. There is much to be said about uniform enforcement of appearance standards and maintenance requirements. They can help contribute to overall property values. They can also make it simple for people to know the standards for any given community. Homeowners associations (HOAs) often serve as an […]

Keys to unlocking your rights with HOA

After last week’s Advocate column about a homeowners association dispute, readers responded and a pattern emerged: Lots of people can’t get their association boards to tell them where their money is going and they’ve faced resistance when they have tried to document meetings. The solution, according to Texas HOA experts, is to request information in […]

17 Unenforceable HOA Rules

1. Stop Displaying Religious Symbols HOAs are not legally allowed to discriminate against homeowners based on their religious beliefs. Any of the HOA rules that single out a specific religion are protected against by the Fair Housing Act. This means that the HOA cannot permit one homeowner to display religious symbols but deny a homeowner belonging to […]


Creating a welcoming community and maintaining the home values for residents falls on the shoulders of the HOA. In order to do just that, HOAs must create and enforce rules and regulations, but which rules are enforceable and unenforceable? Unenforceable HOA Rules: Anything that Violates Rights and LawsFederal laws, state laws, and constitutional rights should […]


The rules of your HOA will shape how the community functions, what actions can be taken, and the overall lifestyle and happiness of your neighborhood. It’s important to have the right guidelines, regulations, and CC&Rs in place. If your HOA board is considering changing or adding rules, we’ve outlined where you should start. 1. Know […]

HOA Ruining Your Life? 8 Unenforceable HOA Rules—and How You Can Fight Back

Living with a homeowners association (HOA) can come with a legion of perks—like gorgeously manicured common lawns, swanky amenities, and some rad Fourth of July barbecues. But there’s a reason that a stigma exists against homeowners associations: Board members on a power trip can institute and enforce some ridiculous restrictions. Ridiculous, like “restricting the color […]

What You Need to Know About Unenforceable HOA Rules: Community Management

While rules are meant to keep the community safe, clean, and pleasant, some associations implement rules that are unreasonable — and downright illegal. Homeowners associations must keep in mind that although they have the authority to enforce rules, that authority has limits. What are HOA Rules? In order to understand what unenforceable homeowners association (HOA) […]

Texas HOA Laws and Resources

HOA LAWS AND REGULATIONS Federal Laws – In addition to state law regulations, the federal government has laws that govern the operation and management of common interest communities, condominiums, cooperatives, and residential properties in Texas. Texas Condominium Act, Tex. Prop. Code Ann. §81.001, et seq.: This chapter governs condominiums created before January 1, 1994. Texas Uniform […]

5 Reasons to Potentially Sue Your HOA

If you’re not happy with your homeowner’s association (HOA) or housing development, you may be able to sue. When you moved into a condo or housing development, you may have been asked to read and sign an elaborately worded tome called “Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions” (CC&Rs). Generally, CC&Rs spell out what you can and cannot […]